The watch needs a positive balance of internet traffic to work correctly in space. The watch uses internet traffic to send data to a server, from which you receive data in the app.

Check GPS (perform in open space):

In “Geolocation” set the interval to 1min and wait 3-5min for the watch to show GPS data. After that, set the update interval back to 30-60min for daytime, so that the clock does not run out quickly. LBS range in the city can be up to 500m-2km (depends on the location of cell towers).

  • Interval – in this item select a time interval for sending information about the location of the watch. The shorter the interval, the faster the clock will discharge.
  • Time – Here you can set the time to send the location information.
  • Repeat – Here you can select the days of the week to send the location information of the watch.
  • Accurate data can only be received via GPS, but the device must be outdoors in the open air while searching for satellites. If the watch does not find a GPS location, it automatically sends data via LBS. You can see information about the system through which the data is received by opening the large map in the app. If LBS is displayed, the data may not be accurate.