Losing a smartphone is a very unpleasant event in anyone’s life, from which, unfortunately, no one is immune. What do you need to do to quickly find your phone via Google Account, and how to protect your device in case it’s stolen? Here’s our guide.

Android has a fast and reliable system for locating your device in case you lose it. But a number of conditions must be met for the device to be detected correctly. That’s why it’s worth taking care beforehand about the security of your smartphone and the protection of your data in the event of loss.

  • The device must be linked to your Google account;
  • The phone must remain turned on and online;
  • Geolocation must be enabled on the device;
  • Device Search must be turned on in your security settings (if you’re logged in, it will be automatically activated).

How to find out the location of your phone via Google Account

To find your device quickly:
– Go to the site from any other device or download and install the free standard Find My Device app from any Android device.
– Log in to the site with your Google account.

If you use two-factor verification, make sure you have a backup phone number connected to log in or print out a list of emergency codes for that occasion. You can do this on the page.

In addition, you can add several devices in advance to the list of trusted devices. The second step of verification will not be requested for them.

  • Select a device from the list of devices linked to your account. Then you can find the phone through your Google account on the map. The location is not exact, so if you lost your smartphone in the street and can’t find it (for example, it’s lying somewhere in the snow), you can send a long beep, which will sound even if the device is in silent mode, when you are nearby.

If your smartphone has been detected by someone before you and you see on the map that its location is changing, you can remotely lock it. You can also remotely write on the device screen any message for those who have found it, such as a phone number with a request to call you.

If your device has not been linked to an account, you won’t be able to find your device through your Google account. But if you were registered on the website of the manufacturer, you can use the appropriate service to search:
– For Xiaomi
– For Honor and Huawei
– Samsung

To find your device, go to the site and log in with your login information, then click “Track Location.”

How to find a turned off phone

If your phone has turned off due to low battery power, Google’s Chronology service can help you locate your phone.
Here’s what you need to do:
– go to Google’s Chronology of Places and set the date you want;
– on the left sidebar you can see all the movements of the device with addresses and time of location. On the right side of the map, you can track those moves.
In addition to Find Your Device, which leverages the GPS satellite system for tracking, the timeline uses cell towers to collect data.
You can also track your turned off phone through your Google Account if you’ve activated “Offline Search” on your phone. In this case, the smartphone will transmit data about its location every 15 minutes and the service will show where it was the last time it was online.

How to find your phone using the Wear OS watch

If you lose your phone, you can also find it using your smart watch. To do this, use the standard Find Your Phone app.
The search is possible as long as both devices are turned on and there is Bluetooth pairing between them.
The phone will beep even if it is in Silent mode.
Searching for your phone through your Google account can help you avoid parting with your expensive device, but remember to act immediately. You have a much better chance of finding your phone before it runs out of power and is plugged in.